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Dissonance of US-Bronzebeard.

Dissonance is an Alliance raiding guild on US-Bronzebeard. We raid every week on Friday and Saturday from 8:00pm to 11:30pm PST.

Contrary to popular belief, only some of our members are fans of Enrique Iglesias.

Learn more about Dissonance and our mission to become the First Guild on the Moon.
Castaspella / Nov 24, 2014

Everyone has reached 100 and is doing a great job at gearing up and preparing for raids. There’s still a week to go before we get back into it, and in preparation for this we are holding a meeting on Saturday evening at the usual raid time. We don’t expect this to go for longer than an hour and want to use the opportunity to go over some raid-related topics – attendance is not mandatory, but we encourage people to make time for it if possible.

In the coming week Bear will be posting his strategies in the Raid forum for Highmaul. Reading these posts is essential – turning up to raid and being unaware of a mechanic is not a good look.

The majority of our raid team is above a 630 item level now, but we encourage people to continue to queue up with their fellow raiders wherever possible. If you’re not sure who that is, our updated roster reveals all.

Thank you to Humble for spearheading organised Challenge Modes in the guild. You can indicate your interest here, and also read the requirements here. Sign-up threads can be found on the Challenge Modes forum. Please remember before agreeing to participate that these runs are primarily to complete the daily quest and need patience and time. Be able to commit to both before signing up.

Did you know putting Fiona to work in your Herb Garden allows you to choose which flowers are grown?

Did you know if you have the Enchanter’s Study you can invite people to your Garrison to disenchant their items?

If you did know this and have anymore Draenor tips or tricks, please let us know in the comments!
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