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About Us

Dissonance was born from an egg on a mountain top.


We include more than 10 people on our raiding roster, all of whom are rotated into/out of the raid every week depending on encounter needs; we try to ensure every person on the team has some experience learning each new encounter while devising the best composition for a kill.

Primary recruitment needs:
Shaman – any spec
Disc Priest

Secondary needs:
Recruitment is currently open for all roles and classes.

Even if your class is not listed we encourage exceptional players to contact us. As we approach Warlords of Draenor and Mythic raiding we are expanding our roster to continue raiding at the highest level.

Knowledge of most/all of your class specialisations is a plus (particularly dps specialisations for tanks and healers).

Logs are required for us to have some idea of your performance.

It is hard for us to recruit without them. While we have spoken to (and recruited some) great players without logs, it is extremely difficult for us to make judgements on where you would fit into our roster without any record of your prior performance.

Dates & Times

Friday & Saturday 8:00pm-11:30pm PST (this is server time). We might sometimes start earlier/finish later, but this is optional - the rest of the time is not.

Rules & All That

Dissonance is an "adult" guild in that we expect members to conduct themselves in a decent manner, which here means we do not tolerate harassment or hate speech: racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist language of any kind is verboten. We are an inclusive, female-friendly, anti-scumbag guild - please have the right expectations when considering if we are a good fit for you.

We also expect people to behave in a reasonable and fair manner while dealing with other players no matter how problematic they are, whether they are in trade chat, random battlegrounds, or LFR. This applies especially to fellow realm members.

Killing raid bosses is not rocket science and you're not curing cancer - we're proud of our achievements as a guild, but your ego does not belong in our face or in tradechat.

Applying to Join

Simply click the 'Apply' link in the upper right-hand corner on any page of the site (you will be prompted to register an account before accessing the application). You can also contact Aliase, Castaspella, or Ephefy in game. If things move forward, we will conduct an interview over Vent - be willing to discuss your raiding experience and in-game goals.

From there we might offer a trial period - this could mean you will be included on every farm boss and some/all progression fights. It might also mean you will be on standby for an equal amount of time. It’s important to understand as a 10-man with more than ten players on the roster you will sometimes be switched out (or in).

Casual Members & Evil Robots

There are only two ways to gain membership:

  • Be the son of a Stonecutter or
  • Save the life of a Stonecutter

Alternatively, if you were a member of Dissonance during Wrath or are currently a friend of someone from the guild, you're always welcome.

Lastly, in the end we raid to have fun. We are by no means a hardcore raiding guild, but we are goal-oriented with years of heroic raiding experience between us. While we consider ourselves casual, we try to mix light-hearted banter and jokes between friends with the high-focus serious side of our progression.